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For more than four decades, the Strickland Law Firm has provided legal counsel to several Indian tribes and tribal entities, representing them in all aspects of their governmental and business affairs. This challenging and unique area of law requires not only knowledge, but also experience. We have vast experience in all aspects of representing Indian tribal governments and their entities and enterprises. The Firm is very familiar with assisting and representing Indian tribal governments, departments, enterprises, boards, and committees in developing policies and procedures, preparing organizational documents, and addressing various legal matters relating to:

•  Business Development and Enterprises
•  Constitution – Amendment and Revision
•  Construction and Capital Projects
•  Contracts
•  Cultural Resources
•  Elections
•  Employment and Human Resources
•  Enrollment
•  Environmental Protection
•  Farming
•  Finance
•  Fire and Emergency Services
•  Gaming
•  Grants
•  Healthcare and IHS
•  Housing
•  Industrial Parks
•  Information Systems
•  Law & Order
•  Parks and Recreation
•  Planning and Development
•  Police and Law Enforcement
•  Power and Utilities
•  Sanitation
•  Tribal Courts
•  Water and Natural Resources

In addition, we are also highly experienced in:

•          All aspects of negotiations with federal governmental agencies, including the Department of Interior, Department of Justice, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Bureau of Reclamation, Bureau of Mines, Western Area Power Administration, and National Indian Gaming Commission.

•         Negotiating with federal, state, and local governments concerning water issues, including drafting and engineering legislation through Congress.

•         Appearing before U.S. Senate and House Committees to testify on behalf of Indian tribal governments regarding major issues, including proposed legislation and appropriations.

•         Matters relating to post-legislation final settlement contracts and implementation thereof with U.S. Government on behalf of Indian tribal governments.

•          Appearing in federal, state, and tribal courts on behalf of Indian tribes, tribal entities, and tribal enterprises.

Businesses Seeking to do Business with Tribes and Tribal Enterprises

The Strickland Law Firm also provides legal counsel and guidance to business entities in negotiating business agreements and arrangements with Indian tribes, tribal entities, and tribal enterprises. Because of the many legal nuances and peculiar laws applicable to business relationships with Indian tribes, it is essential for such businesses to have legal counsel who is seasoned in these matters in order to avoid the pitfalls – some of which can be devastating – of not addressing critical issues. Our goal in any transaction is to ensure that our client achieves the result desired from the transaction – without any undesirable surprises. Experience in recognizing and understanding tribal sovereignty, tribal sovereign immunity and limiting it in a fair manner, and the delegation of authority to bind the tribal party to the transaction is paramount to achieving this goal. This experience along with our privilege of having worked with many tribal authoritative bodies and leaders are what we bring to the table when representing business entities doing business with tribes.

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